hendrik beikirch




hendrik beikirch’s (*1974) artistic work is influenced by intimate encounters with people. comprising only black-and-white portrait paintings, the german artist’s oeuvre forms a striking painterly counterposition to the current distorting and aestheticizing media world. beikirch’s deliberate choice of monochrome, his unmistakeable painting technique and the captured gaze of his portrait subjects enable him to create not pure reproduction, but to express a feeling permeating the image and breaking through contemporary ways of seeing.

for the current series "warriors", hendrik beikirch travelled to crisis areas to paint portraits of those on opposing sides in various conflicts. the artist expands his work accordingly with the characteristic of the extreme and confronts the viewer with militant positions often emerging only as awkward marginal notes in the everyday media. in this work series, beikirch creates painterly contemporary documents that offer rare moments for reflection in a saturated, fleeting information world.

solo exhibitions

2023 escapism, ruttkowski;68, paris
2020 krieger, städtische galerie im park, viersen (cat.)
2019 warriors, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2018 siberia – the mural, zone contemporaine, bern
2018 siberia, montresso art foundation, marrakech (cat.)
2017 treasures, galerie droste, wuppertal
2015 waiting, ruttkowski;68, cologne (cat.)
2015 tracing morocco, montresso art foundation, marrakech (cat.)
2015 tracing morocco – the drawings, kolly gallery, zurich (cat.)
2014 monochrome matters, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2013 transit – greyhound, ruttkowski;68, cologne (cat.)
2011 between, ruttkowski;68, cologne
2009 einen sommer, pretty portal, düsseldorf
2009 under the paving stones, glanzkinder gallery, cologne
2007 feeling blue, gallery n2o, lyon

group exhibitions (selected)

2023 inception, hagd contemporary, aalborg
2023 mixed pickles 12, ruttkowski;98, new york city
2022 mixed pickles 11, ruttkowski;68, cologne
2021 jul, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2021 mixed pickles 10, ruttkowski;68, michael horbach foundation, cologne
2020 skagen, galerie wolfsen, skagen
2020 mixed pickles 8, ruttkowski;68, berlin
2020 mixed pickles 7, ruttkowski;68, cologne
2019 chronicles, galerie droste, wuppertal
2018 xxl 2, montresso art foundation, marrakech (cat.)
2018 art is where the heart is vol. 2, galerie droste, paris (cat.)
2016 urban dawn, galerie wolfsen, beirut
2016 mensch im blick, städtische galerie im park, viersen
2015 urban dawn, galerie wolfsen, almaty
2014 behind the red wall, montresso art foundation, marrakech (cat.)
2013 into the dark, unit44, newcastle
2013 pieces of the sky, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2013 2 biennale graffiti fine art, brazilian museum of sculpture (mube), são paulo (cat.)
2012 urban void, platoon kunsthalle, seoul
2012 urban art fx, cbk amsterdam, amsterdam
2012 graffuturism, soze gallery, los angeles
2012 counterparts, forum kunst rottweil, rottweil
2012 vom leben gezeichnet, kunstverein friedberg, friedberg (cat.)
2012 german graffiti avant-garde, goethe-institut / max mueller bhavan, bangalore (cat.)
2011 between night and day, 101exhibit, miami
2011 urban script continues, kunstencentrum signe, heerlen
2011 artworks asphaltkultur, strasserauf, düsseldorf (cat.)
2011 expression beyond, rizzordi art foundation, st. petersburg
2011 urban art graffiti 21, museum völklinger hütte, völklingen (cat.)
2010 hallenkunst, chemnitzer markthalle, chemnitz
2010 graffiti handmade, kunstkreis hameln, hameln (cat.)
2010 zerfall und zukunft, aliseo art projects, gengenbach
2009 public provocations, carhartt gallery, weil am rhein
2009 d’raw, schunck glaspalais national gallery heerlen, heerlen (cat.)
2008 festival der zeichner, galerie springmann, freiburg
2006 opening, carhartt gallery, weil am rhein
2006 balcan express, galleria collegium artisticum, sarajevo
2005 graffiti war gestern zwei, reithalle, ingolstadt
2004 lines, k31 gallery, lahr
2004 opening, k31 gallery, lahr
2004 everwanting streets, rödar sten, gothenburg
2003 kunst im atrium, das atrium vom hamburger holzhafen, hamburg
2002 beside the wall, halle 02, heidelberg
2002 einblicke, galerie am steg, aschaffenburg
2002 urban discipline 2002, bavaria st. pauli brauerei, hamburg (cat.)
2001 urban discipline 2001, museum für communication, hamburg (cat.)
1999 graffiti, queichtalmuseum, offenbach

public space (selected)

2017 presence commune, museum mohammed 6 of modern and contemporary art, rabat
2016 le mur, paris
2016 epoxy, les abattoirs, toulouse
2016 tallest mural in germany, stadt.wand.kunst, mannheim
2014 tallest mural in india, st+art delhi, new delhi
2012 tallest mural in asia, busan cultural foundation, busan
2010 reading village – painting city, dafen art museum / world expo shanghai, shenzhen
2010 stenograffia, yekaterinburg
2009 soho art materials, nyc
2008 eurocultured, manchester